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Company Description (LinkedIn): Comprehensive Financial Planning This is the part where we get into all the details of your financial life. Typical stuff like your employee benefits, educational goals for your children, and estate planning. We also talk about the fun stuff, like your desire to collect vintage Vespas, buy a beach house, or climb all the fourteeners in Colorado, and how I can help you accomplish these goals. Financially, that is. I can’t actually help you with the climbing part. When this piece of your financial plan is complete you will have a road map for achieving both your short and long-term goals by maximizing and wisely using the assets you have available to you. Once we’ve established your plan, we move on to part two, where I work closely with you to put that plan into action. Ongoing Financial Coaching and Monitoring Life has this crazy way of surprising us in good ways, and sometimes bad ways, too. So a financial plan can’t be looked at as a static document. It’s a guide that’s meant to flex and bend with your circumstances. This is why I don’t just hand you a financial plan and call you next year. I continue to work with you on a monthly basis to help you stay on target to achieve your goals. I coach you through adjustments to your plan when the winds change course. What you can expect when you work with me: Ongoing, honest feedback Help building great financial habits that will propel you toward your goals Availability. Just shoot me an email. Great service. No conflicts of interest. I don’t get paid for selling any products. My income comes from you, so you are who I want to please.

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